Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snow storm warning

There might be a snow storm because I am blogging twice so far this year lol.  I feel like I should write about something earth moving or epic. But I think I need to build up.  Lets talk about my monkeys.. Thats always fun.  Alice is now 5 and somedays i feel like she is 16. She asks endless questions, from why is the grass green, to how does the sun come up, to how do people become angels.  She is an amazing kid.  She likes to be busy.. literally.  I don't know where she gets it from.  She is in Dance Class, Tae Kwon Do, Music, Swimming and Sparks.  Its a busy schedule but she loves it.    We keep asking her if she wants to stop doing something but she is adamant that she wants to continue.   I am quite amazed at how well she does at Music.  She is learning to play the piano and read music.  I am so thankful she is eager to learn and is such a great help.  We have lots and lots of talks lol.  Abby, miss Abigail, this monkey I think is going to be the teenager that has tattoos and hides them.  Alice lives to please and abby well she doesn't care what you think lol.  Abby is super cute, and knows how to pour it on when she's in trouble.  It is fun watching her grow as person and develop her personality.  We are trying her in Dance she is having fun and she started Headstart.  She has a way with people and gets them to do whatever she wants. I get a kick out of what people tell me especially her Headstart teachers.  Abby is amazing, I wish she would stay small but she is growing up. Seems like only yesterday that abby was a tiny baby and alice a 2 year old.  Now I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old.  I think being a mom is the most educating experience ever, no amount of training or knowledge helps lol.  I love being a mom and I look forward to everyday with these two monkeys.  They challenge me to be a better person each day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's been awhile..

Yes, it's been awhile.  Its been over a year and I am back here again.. Life has CHANGED.   In great ways, in stressful way, in challenging ways.  For the past two years I chose a word to embrace each year. 2010 it was Breathe for 2011 it was Love.  I feel compelled to choose one this year.  I chose LISTEN, to listen to my heart, to my instinct, to my children, to listen to those who have a story to tell, to listen for what is not being said.  To listen to the elders, to listen to my mom.  Sometimes life gets so rushed in my new job I lose the reflection moments and sometimes I feel I would learn so much if I just sat back and listened.  There's a lot to learn and a lot to take in.  

My family has become stronger and closer.  My girls are growing, Alice 5 and Abby now 3.  They continue to amaze me.  They are so fun and so friggen cute lol.  

Workwise has definitely changed.  I took on the challenge of running for Council for Samson Cree Nation and I was voted in.  I am very honoured to have the opportunity.  Its definitely interesting.. in great ways and challenging ways.  But my blogs won't be dedicated to political fun stuff.  I plan to return to blogging and just being me.  I also still do photography and have some amazing pictures to share. On the Law side I also became President of Indigenous Bar Association its great. 

Travel wise we have been on the go as usual for 2011.  We went to Mexico and the girls just love it as usual.  We did a road trip to oregon and stayed on the coast it was lovely.  The ocean is an amazing place.    We did a lot more small trips fishing and kinda camping lol.  Just random adventures to spend time as a family and take the girls on new journeys.  We returned to the happiest place on earth also.  This year who knows where the world will take us.. I know wes is going to Philippines.. I have been thinking tropical soon.  

Well life has changed it grew.  I hope to blog more (i know i say that every year) lol.. But who knows what lies ahead.. I just know I am here today.  

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bring on 2011

Well here we are on January 2, 2011.  The entrance of 2011 was quite non-monumental, I watched a movie with my husband, the clock struck midnight, we didn't notice.  When we realized we kissed said Happy New Year then went to bed. But I was happy, and that meant more to me than going out and being crazy, maybe the red wine I had helped too but either way I was content. 

I reflected on 2010 and it was a great year.  My daughters grew into their personalities even more and provided me with loads of entertainment.  I was able to travel, I know my plan was Greece but me and my husband decided to do DISNEYWORLD instead wow, that place is amazing, they don't lie when they describe it as the Happiest Place on Earth. Then in the summer we did a road trip down the US westcoast to California and even did a day at Disneyland and made a stop thru vegas on way back, to shop of course.  Then in the fall i was able to do two trips, I went to Vancouver for Jack Johnson concert with some crazy girls, then 24hrs later flew to NEW YORK CITY, it was amazing and I plan on going back.

Work has been well, I was able to travel to Ottawa and Vancouver to reunite with old friends and learn at the same time.  I went to court a lot more this year and took on many new types of files, each day is a new learning experience.  I also got my dream camera the Canon 5D Mark II and was able to take part in several weddings this year to capture the moments. I think i have a million pics to post but in time I will. 

This year has definitely been eventful, I am thankful for everything I got to experience and for all the memories that were created.  This new year will be just as amazing I am sure, so far on my plan we have mexico in just a few days and then in December a big family/friends trip to Disneyworld.  And who knows what else life can bring.  I am actually quite excited for what 2011 has to offer, the possibilities are endless and I chose to make it amazing.

Last year my "word" for the year was BREATHE.  One little word project. It was just to take in all the came my way and everything that life had to offer and I did.  I enjoyed every moment and sometimes I didn't even take pictures lol ( i failed at my becky higgins project 365 i think i last till May).  I have been thinking about my word for 2011 and I decided its going to be LOVE.  Why because I need to do what I love and be passionate about it.  Somedays I feel like I am in a slump and I need to get the groove back and I will do that with LOVE by doing what I LOVE.  I want to show my girls to be passionate about life and to follow their hearts regardless of what others think.  Everything in life could use a little bit more LOVE, don't you think.

So who knows if I will blog everyday, if I will update pictures before the snow melts or if I will get the time to make a website, all I know is whatever I do I will do it because I Love it and in time everything comes and everything comes to those who wait, and all the other metaphors that inspire us to LIVE.  Happy N|EW Year.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A May winter Wedding..

I had the pleasure to photograph this lovely couple on their wedding day.  They were fun and made the most of their wedding day despite the snow storm that hit on May 30, 2010.  Yep snowstorm.  I hope you both enjoy the rest of your lives together. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Samson Head Start Pictures

So this year again I was asked to do grad pics for Samson Head Start.  I love to volunteer so I gladly accepted.  These pics are of my daughter Alice and my nephew Nico.  Love em to pieces..

My first Boudoir Shoot

I have always wanted to try Boudoir. There is something so empowering about it.  I love love doing Glam shoots and I love the boost the women get after the shoot.  I do like to be challenged and lucky I have some great friends that are willing to take leaps with me like S.  The album is private but if you interested in doing your own boudoir let me know and I will give you password to see the gallery.  Glam and Boudoir shoots are great ways for you to empower yourself, its a great memory for you and/or your lucky significant other.  Take time for yourself, treat your self to a day of pampering, everyone deserves to have a day like this and get it captured..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lovely Ladies

I had the great opportunity to do some glamour shots of 3 beautiful ladies, C, C & H.  They are beautiful inside and out and all hold a special place in my heart.  These are a few of my faves from the day.  Enjoy and always remember to embrace your beauty. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Blog Title

So I changed by Title, the previous one just did not seem to fit. So after a lot of thinking I changed it. My word for this year was to breathe, to take in every moment, to take time, to relax. If you every checked out Ali Edwards . That's where I got the idea for my word of the year. I scrapbooked it too.

I am in the process of developing a webpage just for the photography. I created a facebook fab page HERE. I still have the group site.

I am not a big huge marketer for my photography, I like the old fashion word of mouth. Which is how I get most of my bookings. Plus I still have my day job which I love. I currently working on editing a boudoir shoot I did and a Wedding. I also have some fun stuff to blog. If only there was more time in the day. I also finished up another glamour shoot and those will be up on fb page and on here.

So stay tuned for some new things.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Embrace your beauty

So Ladies its time to celebrate you, its spring time and your beautiful and deserve to embrace that beauty.

Book yourself a Glam Session

The cost is $150 and this includes makeup by professional makeup artist - Chevi Rabbit.

For an additional $25 I can include hair also. Please let me know at time of booking.

You get 15-20 high resolution images on a CD for your personal use

$50 deposit RESERVES your spot there are 6-7spots. Upon deposit you will get your time slot.

This also makes an great gift if you want to buy a slot for someone.

Here is a link to the fb group event..!/event.php?eid=108356249190175&ref=nf

If the first day books up I may move into Sunday depending..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

time for an update of our lives

Life has been life lately lol.. It has its up and downs which always make each day more interesting. I have been trying new things. Like making 16 dozen perogies with my two bffs.. one featured in picture lol. I also had a card making afternoon at my house with a bunch more bffs lol. Is it still cool to say bff when your 31? Well it was fun we made birthday cards and I got to spend the day with some of the greatest women in my life. We went to banff with my lil family and my mom sisters and brothers.. it was fun. Wes and I got to go skiing and snowboarding at sunshine for one day, I forgot I had leg muscles or lack of till that day.

Alice got into preschool in Leduc.. so K4 or 4 year old preschool. Its at St. Bens eventually she will go to Leduc Estates but not till kindergarten. Or if she likes St Bens and we like it then she can stay. I would have liked for her to stay in Hobbema for K4 but due to being a contractor it means no stability. But we have stability in our home in Leduc so Leduc it is. Now to figure out childare duing the days she in school lol. oh well at least she got in the rest will hopefully fall into place later lol.. hope hope hope.

Abby has been sick.. oh the number of bloodtests and xrays and poop samples this kid has gone thru in the past month. She has brochitis now but today she ate a banana some toast and blueberry puffs so looks like she has an appetite.

The girls relationship is getting so cute. Alice is very helpful to her lil sister and abby won't take any more crap from Alice lol. So there is less fighting I guess all the time outs and putting our foot down is working. Discipline is soo hard but it pays off, must be firm and it works better as a team altough sometimes I admit I am a sucker. My Mom just laughs when girls are being um less than desirable. Karma I guess for me lol.

Well enjoy your day and your life. Spring is coming I can feel it. Why else would the spring clothes be out at the stores already.. lol.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trying to find Happy Medium.. i am convinced it doesn't exist

Lately I have been trying to find a medium as a person... between being too nice and being an assertive you know what. I am generally an assertive person and let people know my thoughts whether they really like it or not and I am not afraid to speak up. People confuse this with being a "rhymes with Rich".

I have being trying to work with Abbys daycare about her lactose issues but some days it feels like I take one step forward and two step backs. Oh well.. lol darn me for caring about my child. Yes somedays I wish I didn't know any better but I do and I am thankful for my assertiveness. I hope my daughters are never afraid to voice their opinions or concerns. I am sure Mrs Jackson was not passive when she wouldn't sit at the back of the bus. She was assertive and stood her ground. As I will. Yes I just equated dealing with daycare the same level as fighting racism lol, a battle is a battle nonetheless.

The other end of the spectrum is being too nice, helping people and clients and then finding out it was a complete waste of time or they screw me over. People are funny creatures. I remember I vowed to review my relationships and put effort where effort was deserved, but my heart is too kind and I cave sometimes. I will go the end of the world for people I love and if need be hold rally's along the way or burn some bras whatever I can do.

So I continue to try be a nice person but in a assertive way. That's who I am and thankful for those who love me just the way I am.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cute lips makes for cute card

My bff sent me a picture she took of her son's lips with her iphone. She just wanted the lips red, I did that and made him some cute valentines day cards. The designer at Willette had these freebies on the blog for photographers to use, we just had to give them credit.. They are the cutest thing and hopefully next year I can make these for clients when I have more time. Enjoy Feb..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two posts 1 day.. must be a deal

I have been blog surfing, website surfing lately. I have been reading a lot of photographer blogs etc. Wow.. There are good people in this world and bad people in this world.. and some pretty damn opinionated ones. I am definitely opinionated but I try not to be arrogant but there are someone people that put that hand in hand. I have ceased venting on fb or at least I try REALLY hard not too lol.. People can read my thoughts here if not they can press next.

So while reading all these opinions and such I started trying to justify myself. I am a lawyer by day and most nights and weekends and drives home lol, I sit on numerous boards and volunteer lots and I am a mom to two wonderful girls and a wife to a great hubby. I love to scrapbook and I like to take photos. This love of taking photos has resulted in a side venture or hobby or stress reliever. Its like painting or scrapbooking cept I click. Yes I do charge now for my services and gasp I even give CD's of High Resolution photos. I am taboo lol. I am charging $100 for family photos and 75 for glamour shots and starting at 800-1000 for weddings (depends) as I get better and more experienced things may change. I am LEARNING as we are all in life and I don't promote myself with a fancy website, I have my blog and a facebook group page and who knows what the future holds.

I decided I didn't need to justify myself to anyone, I am not a professional photographer and I would be offended to be labeled that lol. I am a Mom and Wife that is a Professional Lawyer that moonlights as a budding photographer on occasion. lol. If you like my work both legally and/or photographically the possibilities are endless. I can do a prenup and take your pictures lmao.. kidding.. we all need to lighten up and justify ourselves only to ourselves or at least the lil girls who hold my heart.

Project Life update

I received my project Life kit last week.. it is great. Surprise I have been taking pictures since January 1.. I missed one day but I have an idea to make it up. Last year when I did this project I became unmotivated because I couldn't buy this kit.. now that I have the kit, it will be great. Incidentally they are offering a digital kit to Project LIfe, which is great. Hopefully after today I will have an online album .. my goal is to sort my pictures today and get them printed. Tomorrow is my monthly scrap nite with my scrappy girlfriends, so I can work on my project then.

Otherwise things are good, Alice starts swimming lessons tonight and abby is trying to say more words and loves to sing ABC's lol. We are slowly setting our plans for travel this year.. I am hoping to go to Ottawa in March for work and Wes may go to Seattle, we may have to join him lol. Also we are hoping to take a mommy and daddy trip to Greece in May and in the summer we are going to take a drive down the west coast to California, just us 10 days and a mini van should be interesting. Enjoy your week..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A sneak peak at my beautiful friends and sisters

So these 5 ladies volunteered to do a glamour photoshoot with me. I am learning and in order to do so I need volunteers lol. Not everyone is comfortable with boudoir photos and I am not at that level yet it takes years of practice. I think every women should do something like this, get glamed up and treat yourself.. I have a friend Chevi Rabbit (blog on right) who is a make up artist and he came to my house and I set up and the girls did their own hair and helped each other and then the camera turned on. It was a fun day I enjoyed it and so did they. I will be doing more of these and charging a fee for my services and make up artist services. Contact me if your interested via email..korenle(at) or via facebook. I will post more in an album on the weekend.. but for now i hope you enjoy the sneak peak.

Friday, January 8, 2010

3 People changed their life.

The first picture is of my friends son.. he wanted a photoshoot before he cut his hair.. His mother is my dear friend and I have seen this young man grow up into a great human being.. I was honoured to be asked to capture him in his last moments with his long hair.

The second picture is of a wedding I did in October. I finally am posting the pics, the bride received them along time ago and was very happy..

These people made changes in their lives and I was grateful to be a part of them.. click on the LINK to view them.. Enjoy your weekend

Monday, January 4, 2010


So I ordered my Becky Higgins project Life kit I am awaiting its arrival.. its similar to what i started last year.. but this year i will have the kit which means I will do the picture a day thing.. I will start an album in my client albums to document it.. maybe or i will just remember to print pics each week.. lol. Now that I have my camera for my purse it should be easier.

I also joined a artist 365 group on fb that challenges you to be creative.. who knows if i will do every challenge but if I do one a month I will be happy. I really do love being creative.. i am just not naturally good at it.. lol i got kicked out of ART 10 lol.

hope these challenges inspire me and keep me sane lol..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

my sweety will never be a milk monster

I simply adore abby.. this picture was taken by my friend Jaimey at shes amazing.. So this past year we learned Abby was lactose intolerant. She can't have lactose, so we switched her formula to reduced lactose and all was good in the diaper department. The hard part is this kid lovvveess dairy lol. She can have cheese usually only mozza or cheddar and she can have yogurt that is made with skim milk. We make pancakes without milk and kraft dinner with no milk or lactaid milk. Good thing she loves broccoli to get her vitamin D intake up. The challege we face is her daycare and reminding them she can't have anything containing lactose.. they gave her ice cream one day lol. Its not a serious health issue her ped thinks she will grow out of it. My sister is lactose and so is wes brother and with me being native odds were against her lol.
She can never have Mac n Cheese when we eat out because they always have milk in it. Whens shes bigger she can have lactaid pills so she can have all the fun stuff which includes icing made with whip cream.. (she missed out on same cakes this year) Good thing shes fine with straight sugar icing lol.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Well the new year is upon us. time to reflect and set some new goals.. I will keep it simple.. this year was amazing.. it was full of friends, traveling and my family. My girls are growing up and turning into lil people its amazing to watch. I had a lot of opportunities this year. I look forward to the new year.. my goals are just to keep on the track I am on. Enjoy everything that comes my way, appreciate the people in my life.. Live healthy and be more organized. And try go to Greece to be specific and maybe mexico again lol.. Hope you enjoyed your year and look forward to the next one.. From my family to yours HAPPY NEW YEAR

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Life don't waste it

Soo good ole Facebook assisted me in creating drama lol. I posted something the other day about people selling drugs on FB or partying EVERDAY and that I was sick of it. I chose not to delete people because I don't think that will change anything, but it wasn't just 2 people it was alot more. Maybe I just have wacked out fb friends.
I am all for fun times, there was a time in my life when life was about the party. But I grew up and life changed. I realized there is more to life than partying, my kids are my life, my husband is my life.. life is life. There is so much more to live for. So many things to experience. Whatever you put into your life is what you are going to get out of it. Honouring your self and honouring your life. You only got one chance why waste it getting high or getting insanely drunk. I didn't get this far in life without honouring my own life. I don't think I am better than anyone, I have my own struggles but the difference is I kept going.. life gets hard.. but the rewards when you succeed are amazing. Yeah some people just need to grow up..