Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trying to find Happy Medium.. i am convinced it doesn't exist

Lately I have been trying to find a medium as a person... between being too nice and being an assertive you know what. I am generally an assertive person and let people know my thoughts whether they really like it or not and I am not afraid to speak up. People confuse this with being a "rhymes with Rich".

I have being trying to work with Abbys daycare about her lactose issues but some days it feels like I take one step forward and two step backs. Oh well.. lol darn me for caring about my child. Yes somedays I wish I didn't know any better but I do and I am thankful for my assertiveness. I hope my daughters are never afraid to voice their opinions or concerns. I am sure Mrs Jackson was not passive when she wouldn't sit at the back of the bus. She was assertive and stood her ground. As I will. Yes I just equated dealing with daycare the same level as fighting racism lol, a battle is a battle nonetheless.

The other end of the spectrum is being too nice, helping people and clients and then finding out it was a complete waste of time or they screw me over. People are funny creatures. I remember I vowed to review my relationships and put effort where effort was deserved, but my heart is too kind and I cave sometimes. I will go the end of the world for people I love and if need be hold rally's along the way or burn some bras whatever I can do.

So I continue to try be a nice person but in a assertive way. That's who I am and thankful for those who love me just the way I am.


Dawn said...

You are one deep girl!I'm all for assertive & I'll burn bra's with you any day! :) (just not my victory secret one, ok)

jaimey said...

You are a great friend...just know that:)
And I am in on the bra burning too!LOL