Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snow storm warning

There might be a snow storm because I am blogging twice so far this year lol.  I feel like I should write about something earth moving or epic. But I think I need to build up.  Lets talk about my monkeys.. Thats always fun.  Alice is now 5 and somedays i feel like she is 16. She asks endless questions, from why is the grass green, to how does the sun come up, to how do people become angels.  She is an amazing kid.  She likes to be busy.. literally.  I don't know where she gets it from.  She is in Dance Class, Tae Kwon Do, Music, Swimming and Sparks.  Its a busy schedule but she loves it.    We keep asking her if she wants to stop doing something but she is adamant that she wants to continue.   I am quite amazed at how well she does at Music.  She is learning to play the piano and read music.  I am so thankful she is eager to learn and is such a great help.  We have lots and lots of talks lol.  Abby, miss Abigail, this monkey I think is going to be the teenager that has tattoos and hides them.  Alice lives to please and abby well she doesn't care what you think lol.  Abby is super cute, and knows how to pour it on when she's in trouble.  It is fun watching her grow as person and develop her personality.  We are trying her in Dance she is having fun and she started Headstart.  She has a way with people and gets them to do whatever she wants. I get a kick out of what people tell me especially her Headstart teachers.  Abby is amazing, I wish she would stay small but she is growing up. Seems like only yesterday that abby was a tiny baby and alice a 2 year old.  Now I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old.  I think being a mom is the most educating experience ever, no amount of training or knowledge helps lol.  I love being a mom and I look forward to everyday with these two monkeys.  They challenge me to be a better person each day.

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Candace said...

I love your outlook on those amazing little people. I am positive they will grow to move mountains like their amazing Mama.