Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A sneak peak at my beautiful friends and sisters

So these 5 ladies volunteered to do a glamour photoshoot with me. I am learning and in order to do so I need volunteers lol. Not everyone is comfortable with boudoir photos and I am not at that level yet it takes years of practice. I think every women should do something like this, get glamed up and treat yourself.. I have a friend Chevi Rabbit (blog on right) who is a make up artist and he came to my house and I set up and the girls did their own hair and helped each other and then the camera turned on. It was a fun day I enjoyed it and so did they. I will be doing more of these and charging a fee for my services and make up artist services. Contact me if your interested via email..korenle(at)shaw.ca or via facebook. I will post more in an album on the weekend.. but for now i hope you enjoy the sneak peak.


Candace said...

wow how hot do those ladies look? Amazing shots Koren!!!

Kelci said...

Wowzers! They are awesome pictures Koren! I am sure you will begin to get a lot more business ;)

Dawn said...

Gorgeous pics! They all look stunning!